Angel and the Mora

Book One, A Stormy Monan Novel

cover of Angel and the Mora


Stormy Monan watched her best friend die in front of her not quite a year ago. Since then she has been haunted by nightmares of that night, awakening to grief and rage that seemed beyond even the tragic circumstances of Angel’s death. Fighting against the daily sorrow and anxiety, Stormy had gotten her life back on track, and even developed a stronger friendship with the vivacious Min. She is even feeling ready to begin talking with Angel’s ex-boyfriend, Gideon, her secret crush.

              Yet her dreams still haunt her, and more often now she is starting to remember parts of it that she’d never seen before. Seized by a sense of the truth emerging, Stormy confides in Min and Gideon that she thinks there was more to Angel’s death than just a sudden heart failure. When only days later Stormy rushes to the aid of a screaming woman, only to be confronted by the same strange dark Byzantine energy as in her dreams, she begins to believe that something supernatural is happened.

              A happenstance conversation in an arcane shop leads her to Daemon, an antique dealer with a knowledge of the arcane. He introduces them to hidden world of supernatural truths and magic. Knowing now what they face and a path forward it is a race against the clock to collect their knowledge, prepare new magics and battle a dangerous foe.

              Set in Fremantle, a harbour city in Western Australia, the story follows them through the back alleys, cemeteries, clubs, parks and beach fronts of a historic town, a place where it is easy to believe that more than people stalk the streets at night. Welcome to Angel and The Mora, the first Stormy Monan Novel.