Artefact 3: A folk tale of Europa, Unknown, Moon, Sol

One of the more esoteric items we found when researching the Europa incident was this folk story that was popular amongst the Mooners, but there is no clear origin of the story or why it would even apply to Europa.


Long ago a great act of magic or science occurred on the original surface of Europa. No one knows what occurred to those who created this act, but left behind in its place was a fragile creation, an essence of energy. These ancient creators made light a living being.

First but tiny motes that adorned the empty land left behind by the ancients.

But time passes, as we know, and life evolves. But all evolution needs change. No one knows what change occurred that grew the lights beyond their original form, but grow they did. Light became form and form became shape and shape became sentient. The light became their own beings and took up the place that the ancients had left behind. They made their own world in an empty place.

The people of the light became caretakers of what had been left behind.

Yet in time something too came to threaten their world and they followed in their ancestors’ path and left again. Their light taken from Sol.

the people of light
A common version of the image that often occurred around incidences of this story.

That was the old tale. Mooners often told this story as an example of the inevitability of following in the path of those who came before. They would say, “why do we need to know what happened, when we know that it simply did?”

We don’t know if any truth is in the tale, but it is odd that this tale occurred only amongst the Mooners about Europa, and only after the eventual return of Cal to the Moon.


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