Artefact 5: Unknown personal logs, 14th WG, 3020AD, Moon, Sol.

Artefact 5: A selection of the personal logs archived in the GCSE Europa files. Logged by Sunday Galileo 14th WG, 3020AD, Moon, Sol.

The note attached to this collection indicated that it had been found stored in the ice tunnels of Europa during their research expedition. A large section of the documents had been redacted but this seemed to pertain to the dates, as such there is no indication to when the logs were made or why they were on Europa. Furthermore, it appeared that the logs previously included long lists, maps and some tabled items, all redacted. The personal logs had not been amended or redacted. The author is unknown as the naming system for the logs was redacted.

A further note was made by a later archivist who indicated this collection had been investigated for possible verification and as of the 28th LQ 3028AD had been re-categorised and labelled as Miscellaneous and Fiction.


Kiaria and Saha have completed the setup of the research station in the tunnel. I had suggested using the nexus room, but they were concerned about the access point of the tunnel to the surface. Although this has been sealed it is an area of vulnerability if the creatures find it. Saha also suggested that by remaining further down in the tunnels we have a better chance of hiding our body heat signatures, which is correct, but really the thought of a half day trek to the nexus every day is tiresome. Hue has suggested that we should take our kits and camp up there each second night. We are still discussing this.

Myself and Yael have finished securing the tunnels. We have placed sensors at the two hour mark on either side of the camp and a long range sensor at the exit to the surface. We have also cut into the stone of the walls, which was surprisingly difficult considering the age of this tunnel system. I would have thought that the frozen damage would have weakened it, but apparently not. Anyway, we have cut in and created secure bunkers – for what good it will do us. But I have set them up with heat shields, and more depressingly additional supplies of suicide pills.

Agamora is still recovering. She was badly injured in the landing and normally would not have been part of such a long range team, but she is the only linguistic remaining who may have some chance of figuring out the machine.

Tomorrow we will begin our examinations of the machine. I am hopeful, as is the team, but this type of analysis is not fast and we have so little time left.


[Note by researcher: the logs although chronological are not daily and without the redacted dates it is difficult to tell how much time has passed between each log.]

Agamora, Kiaria and Hue have remained at the nexus. We have started doing rotations to allow Agamora more time to recover. Every two days the teams rotate: 1) Myself and Saha, 2) Yael and Hue, 3) Kiaria and Agamora. In the meantime the returning team provides the new photographs to Agamora.

The process would be taking even further time if Saha had not rigged up a machine using a combination of a fan, heater and evaporator to mimic breath. We still have no idea why the writing on the machine is only visible this way. Hue posed that it could have been a combination of humid climate and perhaps some aspect of the beings that created the machine. Even if the creatures did not exist this machine is clear evidence that alien life has been long present in Sol.

Yael commented last night that it is interesting that the creatures had not already secured Europa and the machine. I mean the only reason we are here now is the similarities in this discovery to the few hard-won reports we have of the creation the creatures have used to travel throughout Sol. Yael suggested that perhaps they were not aware the machine was here. He even posited that perhaps the machine moves with the traveller and as such they assumed that they had access to the only version. It was an interesting idea, but as Saha pointed out no one is going to be asking the creatures any questions.

Tomorrow Saha and I are to go up to the nexus. Hue stayed on longer to help Agamora whose wounds are not recovering as well as expected. We are all becoming anxious about what might happen if we lose her. Kiaria is spending additional time with Agamora too to ensure we have all the information Agamora has if the worst would happen.


We have had to retreat to the research camp for a week. There was a breach in the seal to the surface. Poor Saha and Hue are having to spend the time up there in their suits working on a fix. It was quite terrifying as initially we thought the creatures had broken in, but it was just bad luck. A meteor shower hit Europa and fractured the cave entrance which unseated the original seal position. Luckily after everything we have been through we all wear our suits and were able to put on helmets and retreat into the tunnel and initiate a short term generator seal on the tunnel. Yael and Hue will need to either repair the entrance or move the seal further down the tunnel, which makes more sense but gives us less warning and reaction time if it should occur again.

Yael and Agamora have used this time to return to The Hub to see if any further medical aid can be given to Agamora. Luckily with the camp set up the hover cart can be used to carry Agamora back. Yael, we drew short straws to go and he always did have better luck than me.

It is just Kiaria and I hanging out, so perhaps lucky me? We are to spend the time categorising and sorting the photos taken of the machine and transcribing the creature’s language to hopefully make it easier to read and understand quickly. Not an exciting way to spend the week but at least it will be a slight change, and perhaps something more.


There was an attack on Callisto. Not sure how long ago as news takes longer to reach us here. But Viri and Torka came up to the research camp to bring additional supplies and report. We brought everyone back to the camp for the night to spend with them. It is the first time in a while we have all been back together and it was a festive night. I walked halfway back with them and checked on the bunkers and sensors.

Viri, Torka and I had been posted in the same region together during the Moon battle. They are my brothers now and it was hard to watch them walk away back to the base. They told me not to mention it to the others, but that the attack on Callisto had been devastating and a number of high level officials had been captured. They have been working with the engineer crews to booby-trap the entire tunnel system leading to The Hub. They don’t believe it will be long until the final defence on Io is overrun and then they will come for Europa. It is hard to believe that the 20,000 odd hidden in The Hub is the last remains of the human race. Perhaps it is how this was always meant to play out. Viri and Torka are resigned. They have seen too much, lost too many. So have I. It is hard to really feel fear anymore, in a way it will be a relief.


Kiaria and Agamora have had a break through, and identified a huge issue. It appears the machine is incomplete. To activate it requires a set of six objects that fit into the machine like keys. They have identified the shapes required and are going to attempt to create stand in items. However, Kiaria is not confident about this so instead she is looking at a work around – not that she phrased it as such. They are going to remain camped up there for the rest of the week and rely on us to do supply runs and build the items based on the specs Agamora designed.

It will be Saha and Hue who work on the items here at the research base. Yael and I have little to do as security but we patrol the caves and take turns sitting at the entrance when on duty in the nexus. So doing daily runs between the base and the nexus is actually a good change of pace.

I have been teaching Kiaria some self-defence in the evenings. Everyone on Europa has weapon training and can fight, and there is no chance that this type of physical martial arts would be any use against the creatures or their technology, but it has been a good way to release the tension of this unending time spent underground.


Agamora has died. It was not unexpected. The last five days have been filled for her with fever and pain. It was a hard twelve hours sitting vigil at her best side listening to her wheeze waiting for her to pass. We took it in turns. It was during Hue’s that she drew her last breath and past. Kiaria is devastated, she had loved Agamora like a mother and she feels the weight of the pressure now on her as the last scientist to solve the riddle of the machine.

Yael and I carried Agamora’s body out to the surface and buried her. We couldn’t risk putting up a marker. Not much of a memorial for a woman who had fought so hard and achieved so much. But in a way fitting as she is now joined with the earth of Europa, a planet she had loved. For most they did not even get this much, being chewed up and used by the creatures, their bodies nothing but fuel.

We are going to set up a temporary camp at the nexus for Kiaria and rotate teams to help her. She is not confident but will put aside her grief and try to figure out the machine.


There is no more time. The others have gone to the nexus in the hopes of preparing the machine. Yael and I are dismantling and packing up the research camp. We are putting everything in the locked boxes we found in The Hub that use the strange language of the creatures and this machine. We know they will be able to get into these if they care, but they have not shown a great interest in our possessions so we think they will be safe. Not that it matters if we are gone. Perhaps someone else will find them and can use these things.

I wish I could have included everyone’s personal logs here also but perhaps someone will find a way to access their electronic logs. I have always been a little old-school in my preferences.

I have dismantled the sensors and resealed the bunkers. It won’t matter now. The creatures have landed on Europa and it is only a matter of time before they make it to The Hub and to us. We are literally the last hope for our people. We either can activate the machine in the next few hours or we will all die together with Europa as the final resting place of the human race.

I add this warning if you find these logs. Do not stay. Do not go to The Hub. Leave this place and never return.