Artefact 8: Final Records, 29FQ, 3020AD, Europa, Sol

We present these items to you last, even though they were the first we discovered and what began us on this fascinating exploration of the Europa Sol Stone mythos that has remained a present day phenomenon and urban legend. These two items were so incredibly contradictory in nature as to demonstrate the great difficulties one faces when engaging in historical research. What is fact? What is fiction? We know that GCSE collected a plethora of personal data through their illegal syncs of GEM software, but most of it was never even examined. These two items were lodged at the same time. The first through official channels and barring the final closing report of the Europa Survey Project at the end of 3020AD is the final formal documentation we have from Sunday, Calder and Ignacia. The second image that was also archived with this project was from the illegal syncing of Ignacia's personal logs and bore no indication that it was ever reviewed or even cited by anyone at GCSE, simply logged and archived.

Item One: The final official report by Sunday Galileo

Official Report


GEM: Sunday Galileo

Survey Team: 45.0A - 55.0Z

29FQ, 3020AD, Europa, Sol.


FINDINGS RE: MANUFACTURED STRUCTURES                                                                             Nil

FINDINGS RE: RESOURCES                                                                                                             Nil

FINDINGS RE: UNUSUAL PHENONMENA                                                                                         Nil


After surveying of substructure 45.0A through 55.0Z no evidence of manufactured structures or unusual resource deposits has been recorded. Mineral sample records provided below. Further collection of composite surveys will be completed to ensure safe removal of substructures 45.0A through 55.0Z for terraforming.


No further surveying needed. Recommend minimum team to complete final surveys within 6 months. Required GEMs:

Sunday Ramsey Galileo – Lead. Engineer.

Calder Theodred – Security A

Ignacia Villequinn – Scientist. Survey Specialist.

Jake Torno Ambidais – Laboratory Specialist.

Rake Jefferson – Security B

Item Two: Image from Ignacia Villequinn's personal device

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