Curate a Scene

Old fashioned radio

Having trouble getting that scene to work just write? Attempt to curate the music for the scene. This is a little strategy that only works if you already know what you want to have happen but for some reason the scene just isn’t going down on the page correctly.

1. Think about the type of song that would suit the scene – pop, classical, rock, etc.

2. Narrow it down to a particular style or artist.

3. Play the music and close your eyes. Picture in your head the scene playing out while the music runs.

4. Replay the same music and jot down in steps the process of the scene, ie. A. enter room, B. notice blood, C. stoop down. Get the actual logistics of the scene sorted.

5. Replay the music again and add detail to each step – add description to each stage.

6. Replay the music again and with you notes in front of you now write out the scene in full.

Warning – this may completely ruin that particular track of music for a while afterwards. However, you should hopefully end up with a dynamic scene that now has a coherent sense of flow in place.