Daemon and the Demon Mask

Book Two, A Stormy Monan Novel

cover art

Picking up from the epilogue of Angel and the Mora, book two continues the adventures of Stormy, Min, Gideon and Daemon.

What has Daemon gotten us into? Stormy asks. A shooting, a burglary, a trip to the hospital and no a series of horrific staged murders. It seems that in Daemon's dealings with a local mob-boss he may have put a terrible artifact into the hands of a mad-man.

Out of their league and still suffering trauma of their defeat of the mora, they are forced to accept help from unusual quarters.

Detective Inspector Connor Smithson has seen a lot in his day, but he never wanted to be one of those fruit-cakes that accepted a supernatural answer for the unanswerable things he experienced on the job. Now faced with a small group of vigilantes who seem confident in the tale they are selling him, he must rethink his stance and work with them to take down an escalating serial killer.

Can they work together in time to stop these deaths?

Find out soon!