Goblin Quest

Last night we played a game of 'Goblin Quest' with some friends, one of which was a so-so gamer. GQ is a one-page RPG system created by Grant Howitt (see also 'Honey Heist' that Marisha Ray ran on Critical Role).

You are managing a clutch of goblins that are going to attempt to adventure around a wizard's tower. The choice of the tale is up to you, and the outcomes of the adventure are determined by story telling and some minor dice rolling using d6s. It was adorable!

First page of GC filled in

Firstly you create your clutch of goblins giving them little personalities. Each has only 2 hit points, and a fail on a roll is 2 hit point, so they don't last long but that is part of the fun. When one goblin falls another from your clutch turns up to take its place. I managed to kill off 4 of mine before we succeeded.

Second page GC

Our goblins decided that they wanted to steal a flying suit from the wizard's tower and fly to their freedom - one goblin did make it out alive to carry our tale into the world. Other than a huge amount of fun, the other great outcome was that we now have a new player for our D&D game!!

This is a fantastic gateway game to get people into RPGs.