Matt Colville: The King of Kickstarter

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Kickstarter is a crowd funding website focused on creativity. The name comes from the direct definition, which is something that “provides an impetus to start or resume a process,” such as the device to start an engine with a downward thrust on a pedal. 1 It has launched hundreds of campaigns and has become a household name in funding, although in recent years it has also become a place where already large established American companies are able to put up new products for extra sales and marketing. It has repeatedly had campaigns that have cracked into the many millions, and for some it has launched incredible opportunities and their own companies. A new addition to this is the proclaimed King of Kickstarter Matt Colville. The name has been used a little tongue-in-cheek, and Colville (although being honoured) has tried to ignore this title. Yet in many ways it is very apt for a man that raised over 2 Million US and made it onto the elusive Top 100 Kickstarters list (only just scraping in at 97th) for an unofficial supplement to a pen and paper role playing game. Yes, the RPG is Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), which has experienced a recent revival with its Fifth Edition (5e), but still the product is just a supplement on how to build your own stronghold in an imaginary game. So why has this been so successful?

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