The Sol Stones


Acknowledgement page taken from the unpublished manuscript of The Sol Stones by Sarai Mannolini-Winwood

I brought this story together after a four week research contract for the Galactic Council of Scientific Exploration gave me unprecedented access to their files, both personal and corporate. I was initially looking for personal accounts and the professional logs from those few GCSE early exploration teams, the Galactic Emissary Members, which dealt with the settlement of Jupiter’s Moons. As most know I was born and raised on Io, one of the first established outputs before we began real space exploration. I was interested in finding some of these pioneer accounts to use for my Phd on the emotional impact of pioneer exploration of the early 31st century and how it shaped the identity of Jupiter’s settlers.

While making my way through the archives I found the most extraordinary collection of artefacts: a collection of personal logs, registered accounts, odd sample documents, and as I dug deeper the corresponding official logs, interviews, video and audio documentation and the strangest results from a simple survey task ever to have occurred. I remembered tales told on Io of an old legend about an exploration team on Europa, but never took it seriously, but now it seems there might have been a little more truth to that tale than expected.

Here, in as best chronological order as I am able to arrange, are the experiences of Sunday Ramsey Galileo, Calder Theodred, Ignacia Villequinn, and associates, a GCSC GEM team allocated to the mineral and structural survey of Europa, Jupiter, in 3020AD after the first strip mining of ice from Sector 45.569.bc.3.

I also wish to acknowledge the team of researchers I was lucky enough to work with on this project: Elizabeth Baca, Jib Harper and Madeleine Dobson. For without them this project would literally not exist.


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Resources used:

Overall game mechanic: Uncharted Worlds, a trademark of Sean Gomes.

World building: The Sol Stones, the ongoing works of Sarai Mannolini-Winwood, Madeleine Dobson, Elizabeth Baca, Jib Harper

Session 1 mechanics: Broadsword, Issue 1, a trademark of Hamrick Brands LLC.


The write up and information about the game system, the context of this game and a break down of the characters is available in the Fantasy Gaming section here.