Starting a New Campaign

Dice on a book

This series of posts will follow the preparation and then implementation of my new game starting in 2019. We are coming to the close of the first chapter of the 2018 game, my players will reach level 4 and resolve the overarching plot line, and other than the post session tweaking I need to do everything is done for the rest of the year. So of course I am now moving onto beginning the process of developing my next game.

Why start a new game and not just continue the one running now?

The game I have run was an urban fantasy set in the real world of today using the d20 Modern system developed by Edward Wilson, who very kindly shared freely his work:

It was with four players, two complete newbies and two rusty-but-experienced players. The world was my own design and all components of the story were also mine. It was a huge amount of fun and everyone seems to have a good time, I even have recently gained a new player. However, I am a little tired of the storyline, and although I already know the next story arc, I wanted to do something different. As you can probably guess by what I just wrote this has been largely a rail-road campaign with clearly designated interactions, plot points and an overarching story which will have a climax and resolution. What I am wanting to try next is a sand-box game, one that is open-ended and character driven to allow the players to direct their own story. I fully believe this would not have worked as well when I started my game in January, but now that the players are more comfortable not only with the game mechanics, but with each other and myself, plus the level of great role-playing they have started to get into, I have decided to let them loose.

So what will the world be?

Because I like the idea that they may create new characters that good one day interact with their main story line characters I have decided to stay within the context I have already developed, but bridge off to the side.

Currently my world is Earth today, but that fey creatures have always lived amongst us with the use of glamour to hide them. A fairly standard framework for urban fantasy. I have amended and shape aspects of the history of the fey, the structure of their society, etc. to give it my own spin. But ultimately that is all anyone really needs to know.

So when my players turn up they will kick off in January 2019 in the real world…sort of.

I am going to have them in a planar universe. Planes of existence in D&D are really interesting and often intersect with the real world of the campaign:

Explanation of planes from the website

I have already established in my game that the fey are from another dimension, and that portals exist and are carefully guarded and hidden from humans. However, not all are found and some are transient. The plane they will be in is a small pocket dimension that is largely a raw material world where a mine has been established. Run by humans who have become aware of this resource and of the wider planar universe, they have begun to kidnap fey and put them to work in the mine. My intention will be for the players to find an escape out of their holding area, traverse the mine and eventually, somehow reach the portal and exit home. How they will do this I do not know!



This campaign has been inspired by three key areas:

1. Opportunities for unusual character choices that don’t need to operate within a functioning society, thus they will be guided to select non-traditional choices.

2. Out of the Abyss. This is a module for characters Levels 1-15 to proceed through an area of the Underdark and escape:

 3. Feywild. The Feywild is the supposed faerie plane, from my story it is the original homeland of the fey that have settled on Earth. For an overview check out: