Theorising the Emergent Subgenre of Urban Fantasy (with Polish Translation)

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Mannolini-Winwood, S. (2018) Wokół definicji fantastyki miejskiej. Transl. Krzysztof M. Maj. Creatio Fantastica, 1(58). doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1419521

Mannolini-Winwood, S. (2018). Theorising the emergent subgenre of urban fantasy. Academia. Retrieved from 

Fantasy literature in the 1980s underwent a revisionist change, which resulted in the emergence of a number of subgenres that challenged the dominant Tolkien model of fantasy writing. One such subgenre, which continues in popularity today, is urban fantasy (UF). UF is distinguished by real-world urban settings unsettled by the presence of the supernatural and the non-rational. The classification of UF has predominantly been commercial or industry-based, with little critical or theoretical evaluation undertaken to define or establish its parameters. Within a limited frame of reference this paper aims to offer a classificatory framework that identifies the distinctive elements of UF to further the genetic understanding of unique fantasy subgenres.

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