Those Who Influenced Me

Headphones and laptop

I came to role play gaming late, but have become a mega-fan very quickly. Here are some of those that influenced my love for role play games and as an extension Dungeons & Dragons.

Matt Colville

I was introduced to Mr. Colville when I first expressed an interest in DMing as a great source of discussions and easy to follow outlines of aspects of running a RPG. His series 'Running the Game' became quite invaluable, and not to mention he (and his hair) is a delight to watch.

Critical Role

Critical Role is a show that has exploded onto the internet and can be considered one of the factors that is revitalising Dungeons & Dragons. DMed by Matt Mercer for his friends, all of whom are voice actors, the story is broken into two campaigns, with the second one having begun this year after their previous characters reached Level 20 and defeated a burgeoning god.

Puffin Forest

This is a series of short animation clips voiced by Benjamin Scott on his adventures as a player and DM/GM in a number of different RPGs. They are humous, they are ridiculous and they are what RPG is all about.

Acquisitions Incorporated

AI is a large collective that spans the live shows at PAX over the last 12 years,  and include some Twitch shows and podcasts. Known best for its PAX shows DMed by Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons Game Designer Chris Perkins. It also stars the Penny Arcade duo Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, early shows have actor Wil Wheaton and the recent ones include author Pat Rothfuss. The C Team is DMed by Jerry Holkins and is an off-shoot of the PAX world.