Acknowledgement page taken from the unpublished manuscript of The Sol Stones by Sarai Mannolini-Winwood

I brought this story together after a four week research contract for the Galactic Council of Scientific Exploration gave me unprecedented access to their files, both personal and corporate.

Artefact 1: Collection, 14 WC, 3020AD, Moon, Sol

Note: This collection was found in one of the later searches of the archives after finding personal logs of Cal, Sunday and Iggie. We deliberately searched for evidence of their acceptance of the survey job for the GCSE on Europa. We found instead records from those involved in the job application process, including brief psychiatric and photographic records.

Artefact 3: A folk tale from Europa

One of the more esoteric items we found when researching the Europa incident was this folk story that was popular amongst the Mooners, but there is no clear origin of the story or why it would even apply to Europa.


Long ago a great act of magic or science occurred on the original surface of Europa. No one knows what occurred to those who created this act, but left behind in its place was a fragile creation, an essence of energy. These ancient creators made light a living being.